Who we are

Slizzart is a small, flexible studio founded by Harry Bournazos, a driven developer and an entrepreneur. The studio is focused on delivering high performing cross-platform games and applications. We build native apps and games for iOS, Android, Win/OSX and The OUYA.


Our philosophy

We believe that we are living in the most exciting period of the modern digital history. Things are changing radically and that makes choices just a bit harder than it was before. Not for us, we’ve been always building knowledge and gaining experience in abstracting our work as much as possible. Cross-platform is the key for the modern mobile and desktop world.


Our approach

We use Adobe AIR and HAXE/OpenFL as our main platforms for delivering such experiences. With Adobe AIR, HAXE/OpenFL and all the technologies around them we are able to deliver cross-platform applications and games that meet our criteria. Those are:

Fast development. We need our games ready asap because the right moment is NOW!

Flexibility for ‘last minute’ changes. The market might change overnight and we need our product to be up-to-date when released.

Single code base. Improvements and bug-fixes are being implemented once for all platforms.



Hold The Dam

Help… Help…

The dam has sprang a leak!!!!

Hans Brinker to the rescue!


A fun and challenging game for all ages.

Can you hold the dam before the water rises and floods the city? Help is on the way!


Play more than 20 levels in 3 worlds with various elements that will surprise you!


Get it on Google Play


Canis Quiz

Canis Quiz is an one of a kind quiz, simple to play yet amusing and exciting.

With more than 300 beautiful pictures and more than 70 breeds of our favorite friends Canis Quiz is the best of its kind!


Clap Cam

You are filming one of the most important moments of your children, everything is set… now it’s time to applause… you just can’t join the fun as you have to keep filming… bummer!

We all have been in such situations where we’d love to have the ability to applause with the rest but we still need to keep on filming…

Clap Cam gives you the ability to join the applause by tapping the Clap button during the video recording.

Extremely simple to use and optimised to load fast so that you won’t miss that very moment!

Tap in the picture to auto-focus while recording. Hold the Clap button down to keep clapping. Tap on it again again, it’s heavy duty 🙂

The app is fully integrated with the iOS and the video is stored in your Camera Roll.

Never miss a clap again!



We are proud for our clients and the work we did and in many cases keep doing together!
Here is a brief list of our top clients and associates.


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Where we are

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  • Greece
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